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The Project FoodClim

  • provides insights into the role and potential of solution-oriented approaches in reducing food waste and analses their potential in reducing greenhousegas emissions.
  • raises awareness in Austria for food waste reducing practices and the value and appreciation of food.

Climate change mitigation

FoodClim will make an important contribution to the debate on climate change in the broader context of sustainable consumption by opening up a political as well as scientific discussion on possible ways to reduce the amount of food waste in Austria.

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Best practice

The project will provide recommendations on best practice initiatives and policy instruments for achieving sufficiently-fast paced waste prevention strategies in Austria.

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The results will be of high relevance to policymakers and key stakeholders targeted and involved in the project as they can be applied to design clear, consistent and compelling strategies for a more sustainable food use.

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756.700 tons/year of avoidable and unavoidable food is wasted in Austria.

491.100 tons/year of the food that is wasted is potentially avoidable.

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Highlights of the FoodClim project