Peer-Supported Process Meetings completed!

Peer-Supported Process Meetings completed!

The two rounds of peer-supported process meetings in  Neumarkt in Styria (pictures above) and Vienna/Währing (pictures below) have already been successfully completed! In each neighbourhood, a group of selected, individual household members was meeting over the period of 16 weeks to discuss various aspects of and experiences with food waste in their homes. To take part in the project, each individual household member had to commit to (i) participate in a total of 4 Peer Supported Process meetings and (ii) complete two food waste diaries for a period of 7 days each (14 days in total).

The individual meetings comprised a range of focus group discussions on reasons for throwing away food and strategies that are already employed – or could be employed – to avoid food waste in households. In addition, participants received inputs from the project team on the link between food waste and climate change as well as information and advice on the right handling and storing of food items. Moreover, participants were invited to collect and describe their ideas for projects and initiatives around food waste that could be implemented in their respective region or district. In relation to this brainstorming, participants formulated messages to various kinds of stakeholders on postcards provided by the project team.

We thank all participants for their efforts and valuable inputs!








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